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Rainbow Bag

I decided I needed to crochet myself a new bag.  I have been needing a new one for quite some time so this is a simple backpack type of bag I made.

I don’t carry all that much so this bag is not lined and I used a crochet i-cord for the straps.

Something very simple that does what I need.

100% Cotton

Front of rainbow crochet backpack with green straps

Front of Rainbow Bag

back view of rainbow bag with green straps

Back of Rainbow Bag

I used a double crochet and chain 1 to make a hole for the green strap to loop thru.  This works for the top attachment of the strap and also to be able to pull the top closed.   The other part of the strap I sewed  to the bottom corners of the bag.

top of the rainbow bag with green strap... showing the green strap weaving thru the rainbow stitches on the top of the bag.

Top Edging of Rainbow Bag

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