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Chuga Chuga Choo Choo

I have a nephew who is 3 and loves trains so I thought I would create a train hat and scarf for him.  Of course it couldn’t be just a plain hat and scarf… I like as many sensory inputs as possible.  So it has jingle bells and lights.  I was going to attach a whistle but couldn’t find one in time for Christmas. 😉

Front of Train Hat

Front of Train Hat… includes a jingle bell inside the front

Side of train hat... includes wheels to help cover the ears

Side of train hat… includes wheels to help cover the ears

Train scarf.  Trains on edge of scarf are also pockets

Train Scarf. 2 trains at the ends of the scarf are also pockets

Train scarf view of the pockets with lights

Train Scarf view of the pockets. Both pockets have a light and jingle bells in the inside.

There are a few modifications I would make for the next time around.  I should really make one for myself.  I wouldn’t have any problems getting my keys into the lock at night and people would hear me coming… can’t beat that. 😉

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