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Something small = easy to travel with

I decided I needed to start crocheting something smaller than my regular crochet items…

I live on the road fulltime on my Harley pulling my teardrop trailer home.  So, not much space to carry yarn and things I have created.

I decided to start crocheting hats for wine bottles and food… Every bottle, fruit and vegetable deserve to stay stylish and warm.  Stay tuned for more photos but here are a couple I have created so far.

Yep, that’s a witches hat on a beer bottle.  I wanted to make it for a wine bottle but we didn’t have one… Shocking!

I had a child friend of mine give me a potato to travel with.  He named the potato Pat.  I thought it was only appropriate to crochet a hat and scarf since it was February in New Mexico and cold.

Stay tuned for more hats for food and drinks.  A must for every stylish household. 🙂


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