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Corny Hat

I grew up in Nebraska and am a Cornhusker for life.  This last fall while listening to one of the games I decided I needed to crochet the perfect Husker hat.  So I created the Corny.  A regular beanie with a corn cob  sticking thru it.  To make it even cooler I can put jingle bells in the corn. 😀

The Corny Hat is available on Etsy.

You have options on your Corny

Beanie Color:
Red, White, Black, Pink

Bill or no bill
Color of bill with options above

Option for jingle bells in the corn so not only will you look cool you will sound cool.

I can also make other colors and special sizes by request.

Order now to be sure you have your Corny for the next Husker event.

Corny Hat:  Red Beanie with White bill and corn cob sticking thru it

Corny Hat

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