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Coffee Coozies

I had a friend request a couple of coffee coozies.  She wanted one with a mustache and another one with earth tone colors.

The mustache one I read a blog somewhere with someone doing this.  It is pretty simple. I sewed my mustache on instead of glueing like the person said.  Glue and me don’t get a long so well and I hate how it makes the yarn feel.  So here is what mine looks like.  Looks ok for a first try.

mustache coffee coozie.  green coozie with brown mustache

Mustache Coffee Coozie

Sorry the pictures aren’t so fabulous.  I was stuck in bed with a bum foot and of course with no electricity in my little shack I don’t have the best lighting for pictures. 🙂

The second one I did in an orange yarn with the bubble stitch.  It is hard to see the stitch here but my theory is it will massage your hand as the coffee warms it.  lol

Orange Bubble Stitch Coffee Coozie

Bubble Stitch Coffee Coozie

These are quick and simple to make… I may make a few more.

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