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Record Season

I love to crochet and I usually sell a handful of beanies a year and every few years I may get 1 custom order. This holiday season in just a couple weeks I sold over 20 beanies. I made well over 30 beanies… some days I would make 4 beanies in the evening while watching Netflix at my friend’s house. I even crocheted a Christmas Stocking for a friend during this time.

I have a few left for sale and I would love to sell them before I hit the road on Monday. They take up a lot of space in my tiny home so it will be a great relief to have them sold. Plus, that money will support me on my adventure. Which you can learn all about at Patreon.com/BlueRoad

$15 Aduls, $12 Child, Free Shipping.

Send me an email at neldeecrochet@gmail.com with the one you like.

These are the last Beanies of the season… next up I’m going to try to make dog sweaters.

Thanks for all your support!


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