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Yarn Game

I will be in Montana for a few weeks and need something to occupy my time.  I found a ball of yarn in TicTac (my teardrop trailer home).  I decided I’m going to crochet adult beanies with this ball of yarn and make a game out of it.  The first correct guess on how many adult beanies I can make with this ball of yarn receives a free beanie of their choice from the beanies made with this ball of yarn.  Like my FB music/travel page and take your guess. (facebook.com/journeytoworthy)

ball of yarn

2 beanies, ball of yarn and crochet hook

Made 2 beanies so far with this ball of yarn


So many beanies!!

I guess beanies are my thing this year.  I have made 30 beanies so far.  I sell them to help fund my BlueRoad project (multi-media project about my life on the road).  Well, it also keeps me occupied when I am somewhere for a few weeks.  Here is what is left.

picnic table full of beanies

Beanies to help fund BlueRoad

So if you need a beanie or would like to help my BlueRoad project let me know.  You can email booking@jhblueroad.com

My life on the road was featured in the CheapRVLiving blog a few weeks ago.
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