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Princess Norah

Yesterday my niece Norah Elyse was born 11 weeks early.  I promised my sister-in-law I would make a crochet princess crown for her… of course it wasn’t done.  I am in the Los Angeles area and have been for the last few days so I quickly googled a Michaels which wasn’t far away and rode on over to get some yarn.  The FedEx store was close to Michaels so what do I do… yes… I crochet a little princess crown in the parking lot of FedEx.  Just picture me at my Harley crocheting out of the tour pack… with my leather chaps and biker gear on.  I wasn’t quite sure how to do it or even what size it should be.  All I brought with me were my crochet hooks and a pair of scissors.  I started and of course completely messed up the first try but the second one came out ok.  Probably quite large but it gives room to grow… and you can always modify.  So it is sent off to arrive on Monday for Norah.  (excuse the duck tape biker seat)

Princess Norah's crown

Princess Norah’s crown


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