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Crochet Eye Patch

My dog Poco hurt his eye the other day… he has just been pitiful for the past few weeks.  He is my oldest and will be 13 in August.  Yesterday I was a bit bored and his eye was bothering him so I thought I would make a doggie eye patch. hahaha… it needs a little bit of work but here you go.



I know he is not feeling well if he lets me put things on him.  My other dog Nube is usually the one I crochet things for because he doesn’t mind.



I figured it needed to go more around the ears and in a way around his chin of sorts to keep it on but not choke him.  It also needs to be loose so that his eye can breathe a little.  I think I need one more strap or something on the other side of the patch.. but I don’t want it to interrupt his view from his good eye.



He is such a good baby.  Not too big of a fan of the eye patch but it did entertain me for a bit while he was sleeping. 😉



Hi all… so sorry it has been so long.  I have been lacking in motivation these days.  Winter has been taking a bit long and at the moment I am trying to raise funds to get back on the road for my BlueRoad project but jobs are few and far between so my motivation fades away.  I do have some ideas I want to work on.  I have been fiddling with crochet bandanas.  I finished one up.  I don’t have a picture of it on a head with hair… totally forgot to do that before taking it to the Cadiz Comfort Zone to sale.  But here is a picture that gives you an idea.





I have also been thinking about crocheting summer tops or sun dresses… that could be fun.  I do have a couple other items I need to make and I also really need to finish my creation I have been working on since the fall.  So hopefully my motivation comes back soon… send up some motivation and positive vibes for me… could use all I can get.  

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