Jackie Made… Crochet goods

Neldee in Cadiz, KY

This weekend is a big weekend for Neldee crochet.  My mom entered my crochet formal that I made last spring into the Cadiz Ham Festival.

Crochet red dress top, black duster jacket, red and black clutch and swirly hat

Crochet Formal

If you weren’t following Neldee at that time I made this for an awards banquet I was going to.  I created everything but the pants, boots and glasses.  It took about a month to crochet everything.  All but the clutch was my own design.

Also in Cadiz my Neldee items will be on sale at Loose Treasures.  So if you are in the area stop by and take a look.  In November I will be there and be playing some music in the store … I will let you know more about that when time is closer.

Don’t forget to put in your order for Custom Made Crochet Gifts for the Holidays.  Just shoot me an email at neldeecrochet at gmail dot com with what you are wanting.



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