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Meditation Hat

It was so nice to have some time to catch up on some crochet orders I needed to fulfill.  It has been difficult and I am going thru crochet withdrawals.  I will be getting my new trailer at the end of next week and electricity will be included for the most part so I am supper excited to be able to crochet myself to sleep.

Here is a meditation hat someone requested.  He was looking for something that went above the ears and open stitch of some sort.  So he picked out the stitch pattern and this is what it looks like.

front view of orange open stitch meditation hat

Front View of Meditation Hat

My head seems to like to wear this hat a bit crooked… but all is good.

Side view of orange meditation hat

Side View of Meditation Hat

back view of orange meditation hat

Back View of Meditation Hat

other side of orange meditation hat

Other Side of Meditation Hat

Sorry again for the crappy pictures.  Hopefully once I get settled in my new trailer I can get to taking half way decent pictures again. 🙂



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