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Loose Treasures

Neldee is now at Loose Treasures in Cadiz, KY.

Stop by and take a look…. try things on and buy some crochet goods for yourself, friends, family for the holidays.

Neldee items hanging on a rack at Loose treasures

Neldee at Loose Treasures


Neldee items on display at Loose Treasures

Neldee at Loose Treasures

Neldee display at Loose Treasures

Neldee at Loose Treasures




Best of Show

I was so excited to find out that my crochet formal got 1st place and also Best of Show at the Hog Festival.  I have never won anything and to be best of show is soooo exciting!!!  Here are some pictures my mom took.  She also got first place for her needle point of a farm and she was 2nd for Best of Show.  We had great results for our first Hog Festival.

Neldee crochet formal on display next to my mom's needle point with the list of Best In Show with Jaclyn Heyen as 1st

Display of the Best Of Show


my name as best in show

Best Of Show


display of crochet formal

Display of my crochet formal


1st place in the crochet by hand category

1st place in the Crochet by Hand category


Neldee in Cadiz, KY

This weekend is a big weekend for Neldee crochet.  My mom entered my crochet formal that I made last spring into the Cadiz Ham Festival.

Crochet red dress top, black duster jacket, red and black clutch and swirly hat

Crochet Formal

If you weren’t following Neldee at that time I made this for an awards banquet I was going to.  I created everything but the pants, boots and glasses.  It took about a month to crochet everything.  All but the clutch was my own design.

Also in Cadiz my Neldee items will be on sale at Loose Treasures.  So if you are in the area stop by and take a look.  In November I will be there and be playing some music in the store … I will let you know more about that when time is closer.

Don’t forget to put in your order for Custom Made Crochet Gifts for the Holidays.  Just shoot me an email at neldeecrochet at gmail dot com with what you are wanting.


Gray and Purple Flower Hat

This is another hat a friend requested for her mother’s birthday.  (Sorry again for the dark pictures)  The hat is a light gray with a purple line and gray and purple flower.

To me this hat can be worn 2 different ways.

Above the ears:

gray and purple flower hat front worn above the ears

Front of hat when worn above the ears

side of gray and purple flower hat when worn above the ears

Side view of hat when worn above the ears

and then you can also wear the hat to cover the ears. (I made the hat when my ears were a bit cold and that is probably why it even goes over the ears at all.)  🙂

gray and purple flower hat front view when worn over the ears.

Front view of hat when worn over the ears

side view of gray and purple hat when worn over the ears

Side view of hat when worn over the ears

You decide which you like better… let me know!

©Copyright 2012 by Jaclyn Heyen/Neldee – All Rights Reserved

Meditation Hat

It was so nice to have some time to catch up on some crochet orders I needed to fulfill.  It has been difficult and I am going thru crochet withdrawals.  I will be getting my new trailer at the end of next week and electricity will be included for the most part so I am supper excited to be able to crochet myself to sleep.

Here is a meditation hat someone requested.  He was looking for something that went above the ears and open stitch of some sort.  So he picked out the stitch pattern and this is what it looks like.

front view of orange open stitch meditation hat

Front View of Meditation Hat

My head seems to like to wear this hat a bit crooked… but all is good.

Side view of orange meditation hat

Side View of Meditation Hat

back view of orange meditation hat

Back View of Meditation Hat

other side of orange meditation hat

Other Side of Meditation Hat

Sorry again for the crappy pictures.  Hopefully once I get settled in my new trailer I can get to taking half way decent pictures again. 🙂



©Copyright 2012 by Jaclyn Heyen/Neldee – All Rights Reserved

Coffee Coozies

I had a friend request a couple of coffee coozies.  She wanted one with a mustache and another one with earth tone colors.

The mustache one I read a blog somewhere with someone doing this.  It is pretty simple. I sewed my mustache on instead of glueing like the person said.  Glue and me don’t get a long so well and I hate how it makes the yarn feel.  So here is what mine looks like.  Looks ok for a first try.

mustache coffee coozie.  green coozie with brown mustache

Mustache Coffee Coozie

Sorry the pictures aren’t so fabulous.  I was stuck in bed with a bum foot and of course with no electricity in my little shack I don’t have the best lighting for pictures. 🙂

The second one I did in an orange yarn with the bubble stitch.  It is hard to see the stitch here but my theory is it will massage your hand as the coffee warms it.  lol

Orange Bubble Stitch Coffee Coozie

Bubble Stitch Coffee Coozie

These are quick and simple to make… I may make a few more.

©Copyright 2012 by Jaclyn Heyen/Neldee – All Rights Reserved


Today I finally had some time to crochet… it has been forever and I am going thru major withdrawals.  I will post some pictures tomorrow when there is better light.

This is the one thing that drives me crazy with no electricity.  I love to crochet to finish out my day but I haven’t been able to without any electricity.  So each night I feel a little empty before going to bed.  I tried crocheting with candles and a flashlight but you just can’t get into intricate  patterns if you can’t see what you are doing.  Luckily today with all this rain and just enough light I was able to finish up a couple hats and going to finish up 2 coffee cup coozies for some people who ordered.  I am thankful they are all very patient with me.  I will have some picture up tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking around.

I should be getting my new home before October 14.  I am almost there!!  And will have lights!!!  I will be crocheting like a mad woman soon!!  So can’t wait!!!!!!

You can check out this new home and my new adventure on my BlueRoad Blog.


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