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On my mind lately is my series of works I call BlueRoad.  I am going to be taking this to a larger degree starting in November when I will begin to live on the road with my boys (2 dogs, Poco and Nube,  and a cat, Randall), my Harley and myself.  I so can’t wait!  I hope you will join me on this journey along with my crocheting.

The purchase of my crochet items on Etsy will help me start this journey and a weekly vimeo video series of my life on BlueRoad.

BlueRoad is a series of multi-media recordings of rides on my Harley called Blue. These recordings not only record the sounds and sights of the road but my journey to finding my authentic self.

Jackie and her Harley called Blue getting ready to hit the road

Photo by David Minard

What I’ve Learned as a Female Biker 

I’ve learned to respect my body and take up the space that is rightfully mine.
I’ve learned about myself, my fears, my dreams.
I’ve learned societal norms are not always right and definitely not for me.
I’ve learned independence and found my freedom.
I’ve learned of the discrimination of women riders by men, women and corporations.
I’ve learned I am not less of a woman because I ride
I feel like a woman because I ride.

Each trip has three parts:

 Part 1:  Giving my thoughts and concerns to the wind.

 Part 2:  Meditation.  Consisting of listening, feeling, and seeing.

 Part 3:  Singing and sometimes dancing to express the feelings of the day.

I created two videos to start off the BlueRoad series to give you an idea why BlueRoad is important to me, where it came from and how it helps me express myself.

You can view them on Vimeo


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