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Panda Hat

A friend of mine asked me to make a panda hat.  I’m not too good with these critter hats so this is my version of the panda hat.  It turned out ok. 😉  The eyes are a bit cockeyed but all is good… the googly eyes glow in the dark. haha… glow in the dark is a definite must for me. 😀

Panda Hat front view

Panda Hat

another view of Panda Hat

Another view of Panda Hat

back of Panda Hat

Back of Panda Hat

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Crochet in Public

This last Saturday 6/9 was knit in public day so I thought I would bring my yarn and hook to my weekend job which is working at a farmer’s market.  Everyone asked what I was making and told me how they use to or do crochet or knit.  It was a great conversation piece.   I enjoyed it so much I brought yarn and hook on Sunday and started a new project.

Below is what I created.

Jackie crocheting at the Farmer's Market

Jackie crocheting at the Farmer’s Market

Finished white, green, blue sun hat created at the Farmer's Market

Finished product of time spent at the Farmer’s Market

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Market/Beach Bag

Sorry it has been a few days.  Have a few things I need to create this week so hopefully will have the time to do so.  Here is a bag I was working on the past couple days.  I work at a Farmer’s Market on the weekend and thought I needed to make a tote so here it is.

The bottom is solid and circular. 100% Acrylic

For Sale on Etsy

green market/beach bag

Market or Beach Bag

another view of the green market or beach bag

Market or Beach Bag

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