Jackie Made… Crochet goods

Web Hat

Here is a hat I just finished up… I call it a Web Hat for lack of a better name. 😉

Made of cotton.

For Sale on Etsy

Front of blue//green Web Hat

Front of Web Hat

Back of blue/green Web Hat

Back of Web Hat

Side of blue/green Web Hat

Side of Web Hat

©Copyright 2012 by Jaclyn Heyen/Neldee – All Rights Reserved


Comments on: "Web Hat" (2)

  1. I like the web hat- reminds me of the hair- netting beauties some called them “snoods” and they would have fitted the whole of your model’s hair- ( did she get a name yet? ) my mother first brought back from Spain in the 50s- I will order a roomy one and discuss the colors with you.. price somewhere- ?

    • That must of been what I was thinking it looked like once it was finished but had no idea what it was called.

      My mom said I should name my model Darma because my grandmothers middle names were May and Darlene.

      We can discuss a roomy one. Price will depend on the price of the yarn. This one is on Etsy for $25.

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