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This winter I created a couple of scoodies.  Experimented with pockets and connected scoodies.  Here are a few I made… sorry for the bathroom shot but at the time was the best lit part of my apartment. 😉

This first scoodie I used two different colors of yarn together to get a bit of texture.  It is a dark grey/black and a lighter grey.

Black Scoodie

Black Scoodie

I also made pockets with this scoodie since I love pockets.

Black Scoodie with pockets

Black Scoodie with pockets

This next scoodie is great for spring/fall.

Green Spring Scoodie

Green Spring Scoodie

I connected the scarf part for convenience.  I’m not a big fan of  loose ends on the scarf… either connected or with pockets.

For Sale on Etsy

Green Spring Scoodie with connected scarf

Green Spring Scoodie with connected scarf

The last scoodie I created for a friend of my mom.  This scoodie is attached on the scarf and has matching wristers which are shown in the wristers post a few days ago.

Shell multi colored scoodie

Shell Scoodie

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  1. They look great 🙂

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