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Record Season

I love to crochet and I usually sell a handful of beanies a year and every few years I may get 1 custom order. This holiday season in just a couple weeks I sold over 20 beanies. I made well over 30 beanies… some days I would make 4 beanies in the evening while watching Netflix at my friend’s house. I even crocheted a Christmas Stocking for a friend during this time.

I have a few left for sale and I would love to sell them before I hit the road on Monday. They take up a lot of space in my tiny home so it will be a great relief to have them sold. Plus, that money will support me on my adventure. Which you can learn all about at Patreon.com/BlueRoad

$15 Aduls, $12 Child, Free Shipping.

Send me an email at neldeecrochet@gmail.com with the one you like.

These are the last Beanies of the season… next up I’m going to try to make dog sweaters.

Thanks for all your support!


I decided I needed to start crocheting something smaller than my regular crochet items…

I live on the road fulltime on my Harley pulling my teardrop trailer home.  So, not much space to carry yarn and things I have created.

I decided to start crocheting hats for wine bottles and food… Every bottle, fruit and vegetable deserve to stay stylish and warm.  Stay tuned for more photos but here are a couple I have created so far.

Yep, that’s a witches hat on a beer bottle.  I wanted to make it for a wine bottle but we didn’t have one… Shocking!

I had a child friend of mine give me a potato to travel with.  He named the potato Pat.  I thought it was only appropriate to crochet a hat and scarf since it was February in New Mexico and cold.

Stay tuned for more hats for food and drinks.  A must for every stylish household. ūüôā

Yarn Game

I will be in Montana for a few weeks and need something to occupy my time. ¬†I found a ball of yarn in TicTac (my teardrop trailer home). ¬†I decided I’m going to crochet adult beanies with this ball of yarn and make a game out of it. ¬†The first correct guess on how many adult beanies I can make with this ball of yarn receives a free beanie of their choice from the beanies made with this ball of yarn. ¬†Like my FB music/travel page and take your guess. (facebook.com/journeytoworthy)

ball of yarn

2 beanies, ball of yarn and crochet hook

Made 2 beanies so far with this ball of yarn

So many beanies!!

I guess beanies are my thing this year.  I have made 30 beanies so far.  I sell them to help fund my BlueRoad project (multi-media project about my life on the road).  Well, it also keeps me occupied when I am somewhere for a few weeks.  Here is what is left.

picnic table full of beanies

Beanies to help fund BlueRoad

So if you need a beanie or would like to help my BlueRoad project let me know.  You can email booking@jhblueroad.com

My life on the road was featured in the CheapRVLiving blog a few weeks ago.
Part 1
Part 2

Ninja Turtle Hats

My nephew wanted a Ninja Turtle hat. ¬†I’ve seen them with eyes attached to the hat but I always like something that boosts the imagination… so I created hats that are also masks. ¬†A little silly but the kids seem to love them.

They are super simple to make. ¬† Crochet or knit a beanie in green. ¬†Change colors where you would flip the hat. ¬†The eyes are a thumb or so apart… I believe I did 3 or 4 stitches. ¬†The eyes are 6 or so stitches in length and 3 or 4 stitches wide. ¬†Be creative and kids will love it. ¬†They can wear it like a beanie or pull down the rim and wear it like a mask.

Purple Ninja Turtle Hat

Purple Ninja Turtle Hat

Blue Ninja Turtle Hat

Blue Ninja Turtle Hat

Princess Norah

Yesterday my niece Norah Elyse was born 11 weeks early. ¬†I promised my sister-in-law I would make a crochet princess crown for her… of course it wasn’t done. ¬†I am in the Los Angeles area and have been for the last few days so I quickly googled a Michaels which wasn’t far away and rode on over to get some yarn. ¬†The FedEx store was close to Michaels so what do I do… yes… I crochet a little princess crown in the parking lot of FedEx. ¬†Just picture me at my Harley crocheting out of the tour pack… with my leather chaps and biker gear on. ¬†I wasn’t quite sure how to do it or even what size it should be. ¬†All I brought with me were my crochet hooks and a pair of scissors. ¬†I started and of course completely messed up the first try but the second one came out ok. ¬†Probably quite large but it gives room to grow… and you can always modify. ¬†So it is sent off to arrive on Monday for Norah. ¬†(excuse the duck tape biker seat)

Princess Norah's crown

Princess Norah’s crown

Adult Poncho

I had a request to make an adult size poncho for a gift for a friend. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of how this poncho tuned out but it is soft and it is a poncho. ¬†Hope the person who got it as a gift like it.

Adult size poncho

Adult Poncho

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